Hi, I’m Teresa Couper

Registered Clinical Nutritionist

I am a NZ qualified clinical nutritionist who has a holistic approach to coaching people for improved health and happiness. I integrate scientific nutrition with the principles of natural therapy and encourage a self-development journey to be your own body master.


  • Diploma in Nutritional Science, Naturopathic College of NZ
  • Ketogenic nutrition science certificate, Holistic Performance Institute, NZ
  • Fitness Foundations certificate, Auckland University of Technology, NZ
  • Bachelor of Business Studies, Massey University, NZ

The (CNA) offers professional registration to  qualified Clinical Nutritionists throughout New Zealand. 

Registered Clinical Nutritionist holds a nutrition qualification that includes clinical training which has been accredited by the CNA.

Currently, national regulations offer no detailed criteria as to who can call themselves a nutritionist. While many practitioners have rightfully earned their title through years of tertiary education and clinical practice, some have not.

Undergoing clinical training is the key difference between a Registered Clinical Nutritionist and a Nutritionist. This clinical training includes health history assessment, consultation skills, clinical examination, nutritional assessment, appropriate functional and diagnostic testing, developing health plans and a minimum of 300 hours of clinical practice.


My Philosophy


My purpose is to have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being for their greater happiness, where by their transformation becomes an inspiration to others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I believe in a holistic approach to improve body balance with special focus on nutrition, your mind-set and exercise/movement.

I embrace the philosophy of nutritional science, which is a non-conventional health practice focusing on the role of nutrition to address nutrition deficiencies to improve health before resorting to prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, people seek medicine or a magic pill as a quick fix to “patch” their symptoms without regard for the root cause of their issue. Resorting to prescription drugs will always offer you unwanted side-effects contributing to additional body harm.

Although saying this, I respect each person’s unique position without judgement and I believe traditional medical approaches are necessary and have a warranted place on the journey to improving your health and well-being.

I like to work with you and your medical practitioner or personal trainer to ensure safe and best practice. It’s important I create a nutrition and health plan in union with you and your prescribed medication and/or exercise plan to help you achieve your health goals.

“I embrace the philosophy of nutritional science, which is a non-conventional health practice focusing on the role of nutrition and addressing nutrition deficiencies to prevent or work towards improving your health concern before resorting to prescription drugs. “

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“Teresa uncovered deficiencies and inhibitors in my diet and reassessed my vitamin and mineral intake which was a major contributor to my lowered immune. She then created the appropriate health plan and consistent follow up to ensure my health was back on track.”


Lowered Immune, Respiratory

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“I have recommended Teresa to my friends, family and co-worker. It often comes up in conversation a lot naturally as everyone keeps asking me what have I been doing as am looking so good.”


Lowered Immune, PMS Symptoms

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“Teresa Genuinely cares about her clients, I would recommend anyone to Teresa as she looks at the bigger picture. She doesn’t try to quickly fix health problems with medication she looks at the core reason why you have the problem in the first place and helps you to prevent them in the future.”


Immune, Depression, Digestion

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“I would highly recommend Teresa for people who need to make changes to their lifestyle to make them feel good again! Teresa’s non judgmental and caring approach is fantastic and you will see results whatever your goal is!”


Weight Gain, Low Mood & Energy

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“The doctors were delighted with his results and said they were some of the best results (improvements) they had ever seen. Teresa was always very thoughtful, considerate and respectful in her approach with us. She has a wonderful manner so Luc felt very comfortable with her and I was impressed with the degree to which she researched and studied his condition so she could advise on the best nutritional plan.”


Food Allergies, Inflammatory Condition

About Me


I know about the challenges to live a healthy lifestyle with the demands of corporate and family life. I’m an ex-corporate chic with a career in advertising media and during this time I endured many stints of high stress, living healthy and living destructive.

I have since learnt striving for perfection is a constant reminder to yourself that you aren’t good enough. I now approach life with more balance and work towards being the best version of myself.

A personal milestone was having a healthy baby boy at the age of 40 years. My nutrition, fitness and holistic well-being knowledge has been very valuable for this stage of life and still is. I’m fascinated by my son’s development, particularly his unique food preferences and I’m always looking for new strategies to encourage him to eat his greens (they have super powers don’t you know!).

I’m so grateful for my gorgeous man and his support for me to become a nutrition coach, and for trying my various recipe inventions, health remedies, nutrition programmes and detox treatments and giving me his honest feedback!

My Health Journey

Reflecting back over the years, I recognise obvious emotional, diet and life-style inflicted symptoms that I suffered. If only I had a nutrition and well-being coach to guide me then, I may have suffered less.

I was frequently sick as a child and teen, suffering many common child diseases spurred on by emotional upset. In my teens I suffered fatigue, fainting spells, anxiety and depression, stomach aches and constipation, colds and years of severe tonsillitis. As an early adult my spells of fatigue continued and I struggled with weight gain and mood swings.

Much of this suffering was driven by the effects of stress and lifestyle choices, fad diets and myths, not understanding the right macro-nutrient proportions best for me, and that I had wheat and dairy food intolerances.

Work With Me

Are you ready to take the first steps towards a healthier and happier life?

Let’s chat about your health goals and how I can help.

Work With Me

Are you ready to take the first steps towards a healthier and happier life?

Let’s chat about your health goals and how I can help.